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Our Roots

Back in 2016, JMG Contracting was more than an idea between two Phoenix natives; it was a shared dream. Jon Edwards and Jeremy Baker, both born and raised under the vast Arizona sky, brought their lifelong passion for construction and their deep-rooted love for the desert to the foundation of JMG Contracting. With Jon’s extensive experience in construction and a heart firmly attached to family, golf, and cheering on the Arizona Coyotes, and Jeremy’s unwavering commitment to excellence in customer relationships, fueled by adventures in camping and off-roading with his daughters, they set out to create a company that was truly homegrown.

Their vision was simple yet profound: to transform houses into homes where memories are made, laughter is heard, and life is lived to the fullest. Jon and Jeremy’s personal journeys, from desert walks to family outings at Coyotes games, and from camping under the stars to navigating the rugged beauty of Arizona’s landscapes, have inspired JMG Contracting’s mission to elevate homes and transform lives.

Together, as brother in laws, they’ve built a company that reflects their love for their hometown, their dedication to their families, and their passion for creating spaces where others can do the same. At JMG Contracting, we’re not about renovations; we’re about rooting for the home team, in sports and in life, and building a community where every home tells a story as unique as the desert itself.

With Jon and Jeremy at the helm, JMG Contracting is more than a business; it’s a family, committed to bringing your home’s story to life, one project at a time.

JMG Contracting has a long-standing reputation for creative design and superior customer service, and we are proud of it. A complete design/build experience is provided to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Tempe homeowners by our family of qualified designers, project managers, craftsmen, and support personnel.

JMG Contracting has spent more than 50 years perfecting that process in order to provide customers with the highest quality, functional bathroom remodels for their homes. Because of this, JMG Contracting is dedicated to providing the best services to our clients and building a solid reputation in the field. The delight of our customers and exceeding their expectations have always served as our inspiration.

About JMG Contracting's long-standing reputation in residential and commercial remodeling.

Our Approach as General Contractors

We know that Customer Service trickles all the way through a business. So from start to finish of each job, our focus is on exactly that. Using quality products in the right contractors hands is a start (and we set ourselves up for a head start), but communication and listening to our customers needs is our focus. As a family business, we rely on referrals and are glad to report, we get them and couldn’t be more proud of our team.

Let us show you why our customers continue to work with JMG Contracting.

Mission, Vision and Values

More than mere words, these principles illuminate the path we walk together as a team. They’re not just a guide; they’re our collective promise—a commitment woven into the fabric of our daily actions, our client interactions, and the transformative work we do in homes across Arizona. In embracing these values, we invite every team member to not just uphold them, but to live them authentically and with purpose. It’s about inspiring each other and our clients, crafting spaces that tell stories, and building a future we’re all proud to share.



At JMG Contracting, our mission is to transform houses into homes that reflect the dreams and lifestyles of those who dwell within. Through dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and unparalleled customer service, we strive to exceed expectations at every turn, creating spaces that inspire, comfort, and endure. United by a passion for building not just homes but lasting relationships, we commit to enhancing lives, one project at a time.



Our vision at JMG Contracting is to be the foremost leader in home transformation, setting the standard for excellence in design and construction across Arizona. We aspire to cultivate a legacy of homes that embody beauty, functionality, and personal significance for each homeowner. By fostering a culture of integrity, collaboration, and innovation, we aim to not only enrich our clients’ lives but also to positively impact our community and inspire the next generation of builders and designers.



  • Family First: Your family’s comfort, needs, and dreams are at the heart of everything we do. When you work with us, you’re family. And we take care of our own.
  • Clear Communication: We ditch the jargon and speak your language. Using tools like BuilderTrend, we keep you in the loop without overwhelming you with construction speak. You’ll always know what’s happening in your home, without needing a dictionary.
  • Doing Right by You: We play by the book — the right way, every time. From permits to the final polish, we ensure every detail is up to code, up to standards, and up to your expectations.

Meet the Team

Here at JMG Contracting we take a whole lot of pride in being a family owned and operated business. JMG was started by Jeremy Baker and Jon Edwards who are brothers in law. Aside from work being the topic at too many family gatherings, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Jone Edwards Family

Jon Edwards


I was born and raised in the desert but still enjoy long walks on the beach and a cozy fire. Jk! I really was born in and raised in the desert and have worked construction all of my professional life.

I love spending time with my wife and two children as well as playing an occasional round of golf, and rooting for the Arizona Coyotes. I only root for home town sports teams and can’t wait to take my son to games in the future!

Jeremy Baker Family

Jeremy Baker


I was born and raised in Phoenix. I have been in the construction industry my entire professional career. My progressional goal is to grow JMG Contracting while maintaining an excellent customer relationship. My two daughters keep me busy but on my down time I enjoy camping and off-roading.

A complete kitchen and bathroom design and build by JMG in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Tempe areas