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Remodeling your bathroom is exciting! The possibilities are endless, which might leave you wondering where to begin. Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about what changes you want to make with the bathroom remodel in your Phoenix home.

1. Add Tile

Bathrooms of the 1990s and early 2000s tended to have linoleum or laminate on floors and walls. Tile gained traction in the 2000s as an alternative since it is considered more durable and stylish. This is especially true considering that laminate flooring can be sensitive to moisture, and there tends to be a lot of that in a bathroom.

Tile comes in many different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors, so the style options are endless. You can have whatever you prefer. The most common decorative tile is the classic white subway tile. You can dress it up in a lot of different ways with your other decor choices, and it will impress your guests at the same time.

2. Reduce Storage

This might seem counterintuitive, but bear with us here. If you have a small bathroom space and no way to expand it, you don’t want to fill up all your space with storage. Cramming your bathroom with extra storage won’t do you any favors and will detract from the calm, uncluttered atmosphere you want.

The prominent feature of most bathrooms is the shower, tub, or combination shower and tub. You want the focus to be on this centerpiece. So make sure you have room for the shower and/or tub you want, and then go for minimalism. All you really need is a towel hanger. If space is an issue, find another place to store your linens, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. It’s so easy to overdo it and get a vanity with lots of drawers that could overwhelm the space you have. Less is more in this case and can add to the sense of luxury. Don’t give an impression of clutter.

3. Color Palette

In the 1990s and early 2000s, interior design leaned heavily on dark-wooded cabinetry paired with lighter colors. Common shades included beige, yellows, and soft pinks, with pops of busy patterns and accents of other bright colors. It wasn’t a bad style—it created a sense of cheerfulness and personality. However, if you’re redoing your bathroom today, the style has since moved on. If the rest of your house has been updated, you don’t want your bathroom to be a time capsule.

Less is more when it comes to colors too. Go for cool neutrals and smooth cabinet finishes. You want to aim more for a style of a spa getaway, and your colors should make you feel calm and sophisticated. These colors can be almost any shade of white or light gray or a cool taupe.

You can highlight these colors with charcoal gray or black, especially on the floor and hardware. When you use black as a floor color, it creates a bit of an optical illusion. Your eye will naturally be drawn more upward, so you can emphasize those cool colors and give an airy feeling to your bathroom. This is especially helpful if you have a small room that you want to look more spacious.

If you aren’t sure about such a big change, you can cheat with a dark-colored rug instead. This will give you some idea of how your bathroom may look without committing to the whole thing. You can even find a rug that has a black-and-white design, such as a zigzag pattern or a checkerboard—both are classic looks that can add some personality and energy. Besides, if you have a white floor and white paint and a white vanity, some of the textures in your space could be lost.

4. Natural Materials

Another way to invoke the feeling of a spa atmosphere is through the use of natural materials. The older style is to embrace rich colors whereas the modern look embraces rich materials—porcelain, veined marble, limestone, and other stones. For wood choices, fine-grained woods such as bamboo or teak are great complements. The darker, heavier woods, such as oak, are considered too strong a choice in contemporary designs.

Using natural stone in your flooring or wall panels can ground a look and tends to be eye-catching. Make sure they’re the focal point, especially if your bathroom is small or has an unusual shape. A focal point can distract from another feature you’re not wild about, such as an awkward ceiling shape.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match wood and stone. Natural textures complement each other, so you don’t have to choose one or the other.

Remember, you don’t have to do every surface, since that can get expensive. Update the places where it matters most. The backsplash behind your sink, for instance, could be a point of interest. You could even add a line of textured stone or pebbles, instead of making it the whole backsplash. That also saves you some money while still adding that extra bit of interest.

5. Low Flow Upgrades

Your Phoenix home could use a few low-flow fixtures. Not only are they good for water conservation, but they’re excellent for your wallet. A bathroom remodel is a great time to make these upgrades.

A common misconception is that low flow equals low pressure. This is absolutely not true, especially with newer showerhead models. You can exchange your current showerhead for a low-flow one, and you might not even notice a difference. Technology has improved so that old showerheads delivered between five and eight gallons per minute. A current standard low-flow showerhead can dispense less than two gallons per minute. There are two kinds of low-flow showerheads: aerating and laminar. Both work to reduce water consumption; it’s just a matter of whether you want more of a spray or stream.

At JMG Contracting, bathroom remodels in Phoenix are our specialty. We know all the latest trends and best materials and will work with you from design to completion to give your bathroom the look and feel you want. We’ll also help you pick out materials from wholesale suppliers, which can save you money. We’d love to hear how you want to upgrade your bathroom. Contact JMG today.